Sharepoint 2010 on Mobile Devices

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October 24, 2012 by Ruaan Harmzen

Sharepoint 2010 has added some nice new features and support for mobile devices. However by default any mobile device that hits your site still gets redirected to the default mobile screen which is linked to the “All Site Content” page.

With the current penetration and use of SmartPhones this is not really the desired experience for most users.

My custom master page uses divs and css a lot and is geared for mobile devices so why lose the nice GUI? Unfortunately there is no Central Admin or site setting to easily disable the mobile redirect – maybe MS will add when the Windows 8 phone kills the half eaten Apple market 🙂

There are a couple of ways to disable the redirect but I will only cover the one that made sense to my environment (Google for the rest).

On your web front end server, under the virtual application for your site their is a folder called “App_Browsers”. In there open “compat.browser” file in notepad. The file contains settings for most supported browsers. Find the settings for a specific\all browsers and set the IsMobileDevice setting to False. So next time your mobile browser hits the site Sharepoint will think it is NOT a mobile browser and render the normal page. In my case (just testing) I just set the value for browser “WindowsPhone7Up”.


Happy mobile surfing!


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